Greetings and Fair Warning

First and foremost, fuck you Scott. Because of you, until we send a cease and desist letter (if you are still living) the domain “running in place” is not available. All because you wanted to share a blog post or two about stupid tech shit that we don’t understand back in 2003. Back then, it was also a good idea to invest in Enron. Or was it? I actually think it already wasn’t… Whatevs.

I’m not one for introductions so I’ll do my very best to skip that part.  My brother and I want to share the ridiculous notion that many people call “life” with you, which will be a combination of our idiotic rhetoric and occasional thoughtful insight. Moreso we will be sharing our absurd and most unfortunate circumstances that we encounter on a day to day basis and the horrible inside jokes that we hold dear.

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