All is Fair in Love and Pocket P*****s

A “friend” of mine, let’s call him Stephen is expecting the arrival of a certain “care package” at any moment. This package consists of a pocket pussy, made famous by Thad Cassel the All-American linebacker at Blue Mountain State. A pocket pussy, for those unfamiliar, is a molded vagina that you have sex with in lieu of having an actual sex partner. #21st century.

Stephen’s “quest” for happiness seems to have a pocket pussy atop the list of things that will make him happy as opposed to actual human interaction in general let alone of the opposite sex bearing an actual vagina. Lube has already been purchased and Stephen is ready to “go to town” any minute now.

As Stephen’s depression is temporarily halted and excitement level reaches new highs, I am most unfortunately taken back to high school with a rather vivid vision when one of our other friends had a propensity for fucking his washing machine with a pocket pussy. Oh, the good life… I guess? Direct quote from other friend “You guys are missing out.” In which case I have continued to “miss out” at my own expense.

You ever been to Bosnia?

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