Without Further Ado: Death to Puppies and Kitties – The World Premiere

Never read about a cat funeral? They are most entertaining.

But first, an excerpt.

Karl pocketed the check and folded the invitation over in his hands, looking at the blurry still of Mack licking Zora on the face, and beneath it, an inscription:

“Join us in our day of mourning for Mack, beloved mackerel tabby, lover of mice, emasculated coward, and cuddly prince


“Wow,” Karl said, stifling laughter, and then letting it out.

“You know,” he started again, eyeing Ruth, “this is actually pretty funny. In a way. It’s elegiac, but it’s funny.”

You can read the full story here on the author’s personal website: Death to Puppies and Kitties

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