Burgers Anyone?

A friend of mine suffers from Asperger’s. And like any good friend(s), we took it upon ourselves to make sure an inside joke emerged from it. We can’t take full credit, as this did originate from South Park, but our dear friend has “burgers” and isn’t shy to tell people about it. He now refers to them from time to time as “sliders” as he has a toned-down version; if that’s possible. The sliders are like actual sliders, 3 inches around (7.6 cm) across and served on a bun. That comes per Wikipedia which is just fantastic for meaningless knowledge.

However, real-life sliders are nowhere near as glamorous as the small sandwich synonymous with White Castle. In real-life, this friend’s sliders unfortunately put him in situations where he (sometimes) leaves a pizza in the oven for 4 hours and proceeds to tell a first date about doing just that. Over a snazzy dinner of sliders, of course.

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