Which Sex is the Worst? : A Case Study

Until I get tired of writing about the subject, which could be sooner rather than later, I will be compiling various information throughout history to determine which sex is just the absolute worst. There will be pros and cons mentioned for each, along with different categories and criteria for selection. For example inventions (men), or destruction (men). Women, from what I can gather, only became mean in the last century as their ascension to gaining rights other than raising a family has clearly gone to their head.

mary magdalene

Just so I can remain neutral here: Yo, Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ first followers. BEFORE Twitter Jesus had followers, and you can’t even get a favorite. Essentially, she could’ve been one of Jesus’ groupies, but that’s just hearsay. Bottom line is, she was a part of Jesus’ inner circle. Seems like a pretty big accomplishment right?

Sidenote: While I continue to work towards having a more complete post for next time I felt compelled to mention that while searching for “most important woman ever” on Bing (yes it sucks but it is my default search engine on my shitty Lenovo, enough) the first image was that of a pornstar. She was clothed, partially, but still I had to chuckle. No, I don’t actually think she’s the most important woman ever. Bing has continued to amaze me in its general ineptitude.

Update: Shit. I forgot to mention Harriet Tubman, she of Underground Railroad fame.

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