The Mighty Ducks

The Ducks beat the Blackhawks last night to take a 2-1 series lead in the NHL playoffs. But I wasn’t watching. Well actually I was at my mom’s graduation. But the point is that I probably wouldn’t have been watching anyway, which is why I have some life advice. Don’t get a job in an office, and if you do, have it be about sports (preferably). That way you can have some idea of what’s going on in the real (sports) world.

It’d also be easier if the NHL playoffs weren’t on the NBC sports network so I’d actually know when the games are on. But more than my work schedule disconnecting me from the actual world, something else is going on. I think it’s that watching the Ducks sans Paul Kariya sounds like no fun. Long-live Paul Kariya; I used to love watching that team with Teemu. More importantly, growing up ESPN used to have “National Hockey Night” which lasted until 2004. Back then, the NHL had star power. Or at least you knew who they were.

Die-hard hockey fans can argue me on this, but if you don’t follow the league scrupulously it’s impossible to know who the star players are on other teams. With the exception of the Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Ovechkin, Crosby, Stamkos and a few others you don’t know who the stars are unless they play for your team. It was also far easier to know who role players were on different teams. I’m forever resided to the fact that I will never know who as many players are around the league as when the NHL was on ESPN. Part was age and lack of responsibility, the other part being sheer amount of coverage.

I hope we can get closer to a happy medium of showing all of the 4 major sports on the Worldwide Leader of whatever seems worth getting people excited about at the time then denying their existence later on. For now, I’ll still have to see endless coverage of who took the biggest shit at the combine (or offseason workouts). Or who is ungrateful for his $100 million contract, cool man.

The poster over my head of Paul Kariya is long gone, but I promise to catch the rest of this series and the Baby-Faced Assassin in the NBA Playoffs. That’s Steph Curry BTW.

Also, how fucking hard is it to find out who scored? Just a simple write-up guys. Jeez. Everyone’s an analyst now, huh.

Whatever, long live Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf. Go Ducks.

Update: It has been discovered that I have a particularly severe case of I don’t give a shit about any playoff series until the Finals/Cup/Series/Super Bowl unless my team is in it.

Also, it was really hard to decide what picture to use for Kariya. He’s just so god damn good-looking.


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