Lebron’s Life is way better than yours

With game 2 of the NBA Finals coming up and the Warriors leading the Cavs 1-0, I bring you a reminder that Lebron James’ life is significantly better than yours. I was surfing Youtube and found a 5-part video segment showing his preparation for the 2014 playoffs. Tidbits include driving his red Ferrari, downing what appears to be (wheatgrass?) or something similar, his various workouts, and people going absolutely bonkers while he drives around Miami.

It’s segments like these where you wonder why the hell he ever left Miami? Oh, everyone outside of Miami hated him? And going the rest of the Finals without Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love means he will quite literally have to win the series himself for the Cavs to bring home a title (yes, I am aware of J.R. Smith’s existence but let’s be honest). If he does that, bringing home #3 in the process? Cue the Lebron-MJ bicker-fests dominating ESPN for the rest of the summer. Thank god I have a 9-5 and don’t have to listen to that shit anymore.

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