Justice Won Today

In the words of Ray Lewis, revenge is a dish best served cold. He also killed a man…. Today is a joyous day no matter how you slice it. Sweet, sweet victory will allow Brady to be back on the field in week 1. I can’t say I’m shocked by the judge’s ruling but I am happy as shit that’s for sure.

This case will live on in infamy. In an offseason where the Falcons pumping crowd noise into their stadium came to life and died in seemingly the same day, and where the St. Louis Cardinals were found to have illegally accessed emails of the Astros pertaining to running…ah… their ENTIRE franchise! The good guys have won. How this dragged on for longer than O.J.’s murder trial we will never know.

In regards to Roger Goodell I would like to channel Steven Colbert and say… Roger Goodell. Great or greatest NFL commissioner?

Would it be strange to think that Jane Goodall might be an upgrade? She at least understood apes, while Goodell seems to understand neither.


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