Meet Drake Davis: LSU’s Newest Deep Threat

Drake Davis is an LSU-bound senior at IMG Academy. The 22nd-ranked receiver in the country by 247sports racked up 21 scholarship offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, Clemson, FSU and many more before settling on the Tigers. Excelling at multiple sports, he will at least be playing football for the Tigers come fall time. Maybe more if he has anything to say about it.

Runnininplace: The Ronaldo celebration has perhaps the most swag of any TD celebration I’ve seen in recent memory. Have you always done it and have you ever gotten flagged (you absolutely would’ve at my HS).

Drake Davis: I did it the year I played soccer a lot, but this is the first year doing it in football. I’m pretty surprised that I haven’t gotten flagged yet, but maybe in college I will.


RIP: What made you want to go to IMG Academy?

DD: I wanted to get better and be part of a great team.


RIP: Why do you think people seem to have such strong opinions about the school? Did you get any parts of the normal high school experience, like do you get to go to prom?

DD: People hate the soccer because they are not here, or the fact that we are good in every sport. And we do normal things but they are not the best. You can just go to other schools for prom.


RIP: You obviously still ended up highly recruited, but what do you think hurt you in the recruiting process more: changing schools multiple times or opting for soccer your junior year?

DD: I really don’t think anything hurt me over making me better. I got the college I wanted, I didn’t really care for the rankings.


RIP: Are you playing both football and basketball at LSU or just considering it? How much are you praying Ben Simmons stays for another year?

DD: Considering. If Ben stayed that would be pretty sick but Skylar (Mays) and Wayde (Sims) are going so the basketball team should be okay.


RIP: You’re also a track standout. Favorite event? I’m biased as a former hurdler but you weren’t ever tempted to stray from the sprints?

DD: 200m is my favorite. Yeah my coach tried to transform me into a hurdler but I couldn’t do it.


RIP: Was running track part of your college decision at any point?

DD: Yes. I might run. I don’t want my teammates Peter, Alex and O’Neil to be better than me yet.


RIP: Can you definitively say what your best sport is?

DD: No, I can’t tell yet.


RIP: Do you have an intended major and/or any idea what you’d do career-wise if playing sports was no longer an option?

DD: I want to be a business major.


RIP: A quick Google search will show that you made a judgment call on if Les Miles would hug you. Are you always betting your friends for a quick buck or was this a one-time thing?

DD: Betting is a thing, but it has to be serious. Sometimes people bet and don’t pay up.


RIP: How much of a distraction can the party scene be for an athlete at a big-time school like LSU? Any advice you got from current players there or anyone else? I was a NARP (non-athlete regular person) for a reason.

DD: I mean that is a problem for any college, but here if I just stick with my teammates and the guys who made it already I think I’ll be fine.


RIP: Any odd fan encounters yet or are you expecting those to come once class is in session and the season underway?

DD: Not yet, like kids and stuff but nothing too bad. And I’m not expecting it. That would be bad.


RIP: Now that Megatron is retired, have you ever gotten any comparisons? Or maybe the most flattering one has been in another sport?

DD: Yes I have, and I’ve gotten (Romelu) Lukaku or (Christian) Benteke which is pretty cool. Sometimes I get David Alaba.


RIP: Favorite athlete? (Regardless of sport)

DD: Cristiano Ronaldo and David Alaba is a tie.


RIP: Anyone you’ve gotten to meet through all of this that left you star struck?

DD: Not yet. When I meet Ronaldo would be the first most likely.


RIP: Thing you’re most excited for (other than football) for getting on campus? Hint: Bring Mario Kart and you’ll be the most popular kid in your dorm.

DD: My apartment will be pretty cool so I’m looking forward to it.


Thanks for hanging out and good luck in the fall.

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