This is So College…

Yale basketball is currently competing in March Madness against the Baylor Bears. But they are without one key competitor. Senior captain Jack Montague, who was earlier dismissed from school for sexual assault.

Normally I would support that decision without question. But seeing as the case is very shaky, and the player is suing the school, I have to assume this was not a case that deserved expulsion. What it seems like is an opportunity by the school to show they are taking sexual violence seriously by making up for not giving a shit in the past.

The Ivy League, shockingly, if you consider that the douchiest kids in the world go there, has a serious problem with sexual assault. Harvard is one of the schools that has been noted for grossly underreporting rape cases and was considered for the Rolling Stone issue that eventually tarnished UVA.

To throw out someone in the midst of the NCAA tourney seems a bit opportunistic considering the facts of the case haven’t really come out. Especially considering no one would be paying attention to Yale right now. Yale is like a Lamborghini. It doesn’t advertise or make news. You just know where to go. Drawing more attention to the school and saying “hey we don’t support rape” at a time when Yale is actually in the national consciousness is odd.

The case is in the early stages, but hopefully justice is served. On the surface it appears to be a he said, she said which at the end of the day they all are. As these cases tend to ruin lives, you can only hope it’s the guilty party.

Update: This will tell you all you need to know. Yale leads Baylor, and if this article is any indication their captain should be with them. They are also currently fucking up my perfect bracket as they are STILL leading. False rape claims hover at 8%, so if it turns out to be that way it’s a damn shame that 8% gets the largest share of media attention. The biggest story = $$$. To the real victims I would say it sucks to be a girl in 2016. It just sucks to be alive in 2016.

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