Idk, Man

We all like to think we’d see a present-day Hitler coming. But as my Twitter feed is filled with pro-Trump messages, foresight is clearly something this country lacks. When a candidate comes out from the get-go calling Mexican immigrants rapists and women pigs, where do you think it will take us? When it begins from a place of hatred and name-calling over ethics and integrity, for making a quick buck over long-term stability, for diverting attention instead of answering questions?  The American people seem to have forgotten that one person’s actions can set us back for years. Remember when George W. Bush got reelected and public opinion even years after he departed the oval office? Worldwide people thought Americans were dumb, innocent but dumb. This time around? Probably something far worse. Racist and dumb. Vindictive and dumb.

Luckily for us Trump is far too lazy, his “empire” not in the least “aided” by a quick $500 million from selling “some” of his dad’s real-estate holdings. So you could say he’s lost a quick buck more often than he’s made it, but has managed to plaster his name everywhere. If that strategy sounds eerily familiar, it’s because it’s the same one employed by the Kardashians. They are both without question branding experts, people who know they have no discernible skill or talent to offer the world, other than that people are more than willing to watch them make idiots of themselves. Putting their name on everything, selling everything and doing anything for attention happens when you know the general public will at some point move on from your charade. Now, take a step back. One party has a show on E! and the other may be the next president.

Which is why you can understand my frustration when people fail to understand how the Holocaust could happen. Everyone says we’d recognize these forces coming together and stop it dead in its tracks. But in recent history, and in any time since Nazi Germany, nothing has closer resembled this type of movement. If something has I’d really love to hear about it. Countless videos of Trump rallies where minorities are beaten on have surfaced throughout his campaign, and the startling images raise startling questions. Is Trump the voice and the vehicle for the hate that lies dormant in all of these racist people? Are we really getting further away from living in a society free of bigotry? Before police shootings and numerous other attacks in the past few years, I don’t think anyone would’ve questioned the idea that eventually we could get a firm grasp on racism and inequality at some point. Now, too much is clear. Not only will that day never come, but we are doing our best to join our own college football super-conferences, and leave the rest by the hillside to die.

By failing to recognize the past, we fail to see how our actions today are inextricably linked. How going to a rally and beating on someone or hurling insults at someone because they look different from you or may believe in different things keeps you immune from seeing the parallels to a society in which  nothing was questioned befuddles me. Our government has far too many checks and balances for any kind of revolt or evil overtaking to occur, but if you simply can’t imagine how it could happen again with fewer safeguards in place and a leader who values ignorance over economic policy and foreign affairs I truly feel sorry for you.

The global economy is the whole reason no one makes any money any more. Sure, that and the recession. But read The World Is Flat; your laptop was made in virtually every country. Everyone has a hand in the process, but no one ultimately controls it. What does that mean? Simply, that everyone has to get along. In the world economy, one disruption in the supply chain ruins the process. Trump wants to build a wall? Good luck waving your #1 foam fingers and telling foreigners not to come here. You won’t have to.

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