Covid Update: The World Is Ending and Everyone is Dying

The world economy has been reeling from coronavirus and it seems Jared Kushner won’t save us from a global pandemic after all. We lost March Madness, followed by all other sports shortly after. The U.S. lost close to a million jobs in March alone, and NYC is leading the nation (and up there globally) for cases and deaths.

Collectively we’ve all started to lose our minds after a few weeks in quarantine, and I have unfortunately succumbed to a similar fate.

If this leaves you with many questions, like hey man, it’s not always time for a goddamn parfait you are dead wrong and I demand an apology.

Just thank me for not being famous and thinking it was a good time to cover John Lennon.

I still refuse to watch it except for every time the last week or two that it autoplayed on all of my social media.

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