Britt McHenry Suffers From Hot Girl Syndrome: There Is No Cure

I actually really wanted to go in on this. In a society where a hot girl can more or less share the exciting news that she took a shit and get 100 Facebook likes, any time turmoil arrives and aforementioned female is treated as any other member of modern time is welcomed. But in light of an article in which she is labeled a “sorry excuse for a human being” I feel perfectly fine watching her reputation tarnished from afar.

Favorite quotes from across the net:

Britt is called an “entitled, bleached-blonde bubblehead” (NY Post)

Deadspin asserts that no one ever liked her; she allegedly referred to her fellow Northwestern masters’ classmates as “Medilldos” which is by far my new favorite word.

For that lovely quote and various Twitter spats: Britt McHenry’s generosity precedes itself

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