Introducing “Brad” : The Best We Could Do For “That Guy”

Brad is cool. Brad is hip. Brad is the guy that your girlfriend leaves you for.

This name has been assigned because one of us is prone to being extremely sad, which need not be disclosed. As this unhappiness with the current dating scene and female race grows and festers with this “unknown” person and his various friends, the legend of Brad grows.

Brad, as you would assume, has it all. He owns an Apple watch (ew), drives a BMW, probably works in finance or no a tech startup it’s “edgier” and is obviously well-versed in music, art and literature. He is also more athletic than you and his “chiseled abs, and heart-melting smile” are what really did you in. But most importantly he stole your girl, dawg. And he’s banging her, bro.

And full disclosure, Brad is the only person your significant other can leave you for. If your girl says otherwise, she’s a liar to boot.

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