In Search of The Next Megatron

I bring you Drake Davis. No, it’s not likely this will actually happen. But I’m keeping with a theme here, got a problem. And Drake is easily the most talented player coming out of the 2016 class, a 4-star recruit mainly because he opted for soccer his junior year. The LSU football commit just so happened to be one of the best futbol players in the country.

You heard that right. He’s a freak athlete at 6’4” 215 and a burner to boot. Drake was all-American in track & field, sporting a 10.7 100m in addition to a 6’7” high jump and 22’4” long jump.

Add in the fact that he may also play basketball for the Tigers…. Confused yet? Yes, this is why it’s easy to make Bo Jackson comparisons or comparisons to other uber-talented people who just don’t even know what sport they’re best at.

Below is a link of the non-rapping Drake dunking.

So yeah, that happened

As far as football goes, I’ll let the highlight reel speak for itself.

Come fall time when he’s tearing it up on the field (and court?) for LSU, I just want to be recognized as discovering him. A small price to pay. Let the internet dollars roll in.

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